Birthdays! Need we say more?

Let’s start with some awesome theme ideas:

Spring Party Theme Ideas The Spruce

I personally think, if you’re planning on throwing a surprise party for one of your girlfriends, a donut or ‘not a morning person’ theme would be ideal for any season. A fruit themed birthday would be super cute in the summer. If your friend’s a leapling, make it a frog and lily pad theme. But like, don’t overwhelm them with frogs.

After you’re done choosing your theme, send invitations to go with the theme. (Well, unless it’s a surprise party:)

DIY Honeycomb Party Invitations Studio Diy

5 Awesome Ways to Invite Someone to a Party Studio Diy

Games: No one can have a party without them.

Teen Party Games The Spruce

Possibly some pranks…

10 Fun and Harmless April Fools Pranks

Cake! What’s the  point of a birthday of you can’t eat cake?

Three ways to make a Giant Donut Cake Aww Sam

DIY Nail Polish Cake Studio Diy

DIY Pineapple Cake Studio DIY

Ice Cream Sundae Cake ABM



DIY Mini Piñatas Youtube

DIY Taco Piñata Studio DIY


DIY Fruit Slice Balloons Studio Diy

DIY Emoji Balloons Studio Diy


Shaped DIY Birthday Candles Aww Sam


Finally, all the  guests are fatigued from a very fun day. I dunno about you, but after a party, favors are nice.

DIY Birthday Cake Soap Studio DIY

15  Last Minute DIY Gifts

31 Best DIY Slime Recipea DPFT










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